Atkins Bread Crisp 100 g

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Country of Origin: Germany Price: $10.95 (as of 26/11/2020 02:57 PST- Details)

Creation, low in carbohydrates balanced meals and snacks for any time of day neednt be a hard work. That is why the experts of Atkins have developed a delicious and crispy bread crispy, that has a 50% less carbohydrates that regular crispbreads. High in protein and fiber, but with only 1.8 g of carbohydrate per bread crispy, this makes the ideal starting point for your favorite filling of low in carbohydrates. Ideal for a quick and easy breakfast, lunch or snack when you’re eating low in carbohydrates. A style of life isnt nearly Low Carbohydrate Weight Loss; is about to eat well and live life to the fullest. Atkins range of products low in carbohydrate, low in sugar Great Taste make that stick to a style of life Low in carbohydrates much easier. Atkins is supported by over 150 studies, showing that a approach low in carbohydrates from the food makes it easier to lose weight and the control of sugar in the blood. Our range of products low in carbohydrate, low in sugar provides convenient, tasty food, snacks and components to help keep it in the track, without feeling that you are losing. Whether you’re trying to achieve or maintain your optimal weight or simply wanting to eat a little more healthy, balanced and Atkins is a delicious way to help you reach your goals.

Country of Origin: Germany

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